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To be a leader of fashion industry



To be the practitioner and communicator of the highest quality made in China.

Business Summary

Canchi, as a family-owned trading company and sourcing center in southern China, has been sourcing and trading a wide range of garments, footwear, hats ,bags and accessories.

We can fulfill every unique idea with our 100% fully customized production and source the highest quality fabrics whether for luxury or more affordable range for our customers.

We have a highly experienced staff at home and abroad with extensive experience in the fashion industry. Our abroad branches and offices provide our customers most timely support which enable us to act quickly and provide direct communication and reliable customer support.

Working with companies of all sizes ranging from new brands starting an apparel line to top retailers and designer brands, CanChi offers a multitude of services from product development to sourcing materials all the way to the delivery of production, striving to offer our customers added value and keep long term relationships.

CanChi are always committed to providing excellent services and high quality products to every customer. We firmly believe that the more challenges we face will give us more strength to move forward, so we keep upgrading the intelligent workshop and systematic management to make our production line more efficient and intelligent.

Business Partners

Our Advantages

  1. Have cooperated with 100’s of importers for more than 10 years.
  2. Experienced in doing business with sizable customers, top retailers and designer brands.
  3. Quickest and stable delivery time for decent orders.
  4. Own designing team for new products development.
  5. Set up branches and offices around the world.
  6. Family factory audited by WRAP and BSCI.